"Education is the BEST provision for the journey to old age" - Aristotle

Support that Age Unlimited has recently provided includes:

  • Funding a Saturday Homework Club to enhance literacy and numeracy for young people experiencing major problems with their reading and writing. With this extra help they were able to progress to a more positive future and increased self-esteem. We also found computers for the centre above through an appeal to supporters for their second hand items. 

  • Topping up nursing home fees for an elderly gentleman during his final months; moving him would almost certainly have hastened his death.

  •  Supplying mobility and heating equipment for elderly people.

  • A project with Global Generation at Kings Cross to increase self-esteem and social skills/ fluency for a group of local  young  people, tying this in with visits to the local elderly care home and using photography to break down inter generational barriers. This project also used cooking together to achieve similar outcomes. There was a marked improvement on their ongoing academic work.

  • Age Unlimited paid to set up dining room furniture at a youth centre in Battersea to allow them to run an old people's lunch club one day a week. Wholesome hot food is provided along with an afternoon of company and games, making it possible for the attendees to meet like-minded locals and stave off some loneliness.