Nicole Van den Eijnde, Director of Global Generation, gives us feedback from the young and elderly people taking part in the project, funded by Age Unlimited, Wisdom and Beauty Across the Ages - 2017-18.


Different personalities came out from this task. It is so good to find out we have so much to talk about and so much in common while we are sitting around the same table and expressing our creativity.’ - IMOGEN, leading a craft workshop to co-create artwork using flowers and seeds from the Skip Garden. 

Spending time with children in need of care and their families has been a great learning experience for me. Generations can come together to fight important issues and needs. And I am glad I could help in creating a fun and unforgettable afternoon for everyone.’ - NAZMIN


‘Visiting Roseberry Mansion was different. I don’t like to talk to old people but they were nice. I would love to visit them again. I am really bad at cooking but cooking for them made me see the cooking in a different way and now I would like to do it at home.’ - SIMANE


‘Since I joined the Skip Garden I feel like I have learned more about how valuable the earth is and how to take care of it more. I have also had experiences that I wouldn’t have got to do like baking for the elders and having conversations with them. They were nice people and not grumpy.’ - CHRISTABELLE


‘Mixing young people and old can extend their lives’ - INDIE, NORTH LONDON CARE




‘Volunteering to me is helping less able people. I am quite critical about the way Roseberry Mansion is run. Many improvements could be made to better this. I am quite anxious about volunteering because of many bad events that has occured during my last visit. But overall I am excited to spend time with elderly people who can teach me more about the world in their generation’ - INDIA


‘I think that volunteering is a great way to help people. A few weeks ago I visited a retiring home and I helped residents. This allowed me to learn about how older people spent their day and what they did before they retired. However, I noticed that the staff called the elderly people ‘customers’ instead of residents. I think this challenged my sense of judgement.’ - CHARLOTTE


‘I hope that by volunteering I will be able to make other people’s lives better by just doing the smallest things. I think that I am most scared about not being able to deal with people getting hurt and not being able to help them. Also, I am anxious about people not wanting me there to help them because they don’t feel comfortable around me for whatever reason. I also hope that by volunteering I am able to highlight areas in which care home workers can improve the atmosphere for residents (elderly).’ -N’DEA


‘I hope I could help with making tea.I don’t like how the staff are, for example, when the lady fell, they said, “She fell....again” in a way like they don’t care. I want to help with amusing the elderly (e.g, singing one of their favourite songs.)’ - SOLYANA


‘For the visit to the elderly home, I’m nervous about speaking to them since I have a stutter, go red easily and not the best with conversations, especially with older and/ or new people.’ - KIMBERLEY


‘I’m scared they [elderly residents] might fall and I will panic and forget what to do. I’m worried I won’t know what to talk about. That the elderly might want some tea or something and I bring it to them and it’s not ‘perfect’ and they get angry. I’m scared I might see a spider (big) and start panicking. I hope that they like my personality.’ - KALUMBA


‘Volunteering - Helping out with other people. I want to help the elderly people out because last time I really enjoyed it. However in Roseberry Mansion I didn’t like when they called the elderly people ‘customers’ instead of ‘residents’. I thought that it was quite rude. I would like to help further out in the world. Maybe even giving food to the homeless. I feel like to gain respect you must respect others. I would like to also (work with) other worn torn communities and volunteer to help them.’ - TAWHIDA


‘I’m worried about the way they run the elderly [home] because they seem to not care about the elderly living there. Because it took a long time for them to assist the residents.’ - AFIIFA


‘My initial ideas for the improvement of the care facilities are that the elderly need to be given a panic button, that will alert reception immediately if assistance is needed. Also, I am very excited about this opportunity to help the elderly because I will get a chance to understand what it is like to be older, or how their lives were before [the year] 2,000. In addition to this, I am anxious about the mice that we experienced running in the residence, and I am also anxious that not many people will turn up.’ - ORCHID




‘Today we volunteered at Roseberry Mansion with the elderly. It was really fun and it was such a great experience. We prepared the food, cooked the mash and also served it to the residents. There was also the chance to make pancakes as it was Pancake day. We added lemon and sugar [to the pancakes]. We set the tables and interacted with the residents as we handed them their food. Some were older than others, but the staff were very welcoming, We learn that every Tuesday KFC donate chicken to the home, there was so much left over. It was surprising as this is never publicized in the news. This experience will be one that I won’t forget as we interacted with those who are older than us and we helped them out. You could see that our presence was really appreciated and needed. On a whole the experience was really rewarding as I was able to see how my ability to cook food, which I take for granted, was something that made a big difference to the staff and the residents.

I would definitely do this again, and tell others to get involved. The smiles on the residents’ and staffs’ faces were priceless.’ - ORCHID


‘We volunteered at Roseberry Mansion, helping all with the lunch time service. We met many elderly residents who were happy that we had chosen to come and spend some hours creating their warm lunch for them. I am glad that I went because it meant that I could come out of my comfort zone and interact with people that I want to help out but don’t always socialise with. I was delighted to see that Roseberry Mansion receive a donation (weekly) from KFC because even though it was fast food it shows that the elderly aren’t always forgotten by people and people want to help them. From this experience I was able to understand that a ‘random’ act of kindness goes a long way even if you don’t know the people you help. I would look forward to interacting with the elderly residents again because I felt proud to be a young person volunteering in order to make their day that little bit better.' - N’DEA


‘I have a soft spot [for the ] elderly, so spending some time and [to] have an actual conversation with them (not sitting there awkwardly). I watched a video about a kitten in need and a lady gave it food on a plate however it didn’t take it. So the lady (Kittenlady on Youtube) didn’t stop trying, so then she grabbed some of the food on her finger and the kitten took it. So don’t stop small things, [you] can help other people to do it.’ - JEANETTE


‘I had a great time at Roseberry Mansions today, I made a friend called Ali and I painted a picture for him. I like how they were interactive with us and I am happy to help out with colouring in and making their day a fun, lovely day!’ - SOLYANA


‘I enjoyed helping out at the elderly home, I thought it was a nice way to give back to the elderly. It was interesting getting to know people’ - AFIIFA

‘Today we went to Roseberry Mansions and I enjoyed it as it was a new experience as I was able to spend more time with the elderly and get to know them more and understand their experiences.’ - AESHA



‘Today we worked with the elderly and we drew chickens because we were outside where a flock of chickens were and it was very interesting because I haven’t really drawn in a while so it definitely restored my brain.

I enjoyed it because I got to communicate with them and get to know some of them a little bit like what they did when they were young and one of them had a very nice conversation about life and he also gave me some advice to be yourself and to never get caught up on how society says what’s right and wrong. It was also fun to test my creativity against some past artists that are really experienced. They were really kind and very open-minded to us and there hospitality was really good and they are really funny.’ - KALUMBA


‘Today me and Kalumba worked with the elderly and we all drew some chickens. Communicating with the elderly is definitely something special as I normally would spend the day with people around my own age. It was a fun experience. At first I didn’t really know what to say but they were really kind and open arms. They were really cheerful and that gave me a push to come out of my comfort zone. It was nice to gain hands down experience. Overall I really enjoyed it. (Never knew that they were so creative :) ).’ - JEANETTE