"Old people THINK. Adults ASSUME. Kids KNOW"-Anon


Currently in the UK there are 800,000 young people aged between 16 and 25 who are not in education, employment or training. They often have to deal with issues that have arisen through dysfunctional starts in life, whether within the home or at school and many have to improve their own attitudes before they can begin to engage with society.

Each young person who turns their life around benefits not just themselves but also their community, family and friends and even the next generation with a more positive outlook and greater understanding.

Never before has there been such an urgency to assist the elderly; some 200,000 are below the poverty line. As people live longer, there is increasing pressure on the Government and on private institutions to help this section of society. Recent surveys show that isolation and 'fuel-poverty' affects one in three households and many, who have given so much to the country in the past, find they are offered very little help in their later years.


The main way in which we fundraise is by putting on interesting events that we feel will appeal to our loyal supporters. Recent events include talks by such diverse speakers as Dr David Starkey, Tracy Chevalier and Hugo Vickers. Other notable successes include an evening with comedians David Mitchell and John Lloyd, and Bernard Cornwell in conversation. We also conduct popular guided walks around London and visits, often to houses and gardens, both in London and the countryside, not normally open to the public. 


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